20 years of experience

Experience wanted?
We offer more than 20 years of experience in software development and IT consulting. We helped dozens of customers to solve their IT challenges. You can directly benefit from our experience. We offer a wide variety of practical experience which you could benefit from.

Customized Software

Need an IT construction worker?
We transform your vision into rock solid software. You provide your vision, we will do the rest. From analysis to system design over implementation, test and deployment. We provide the full nine yards of software development for you.


You are in trouble with your IT system?
We help you to find and implement a short term solution for you current problems. We help your team to get back on track. We elaborate a long term solution for your company.

Strategic consulting

Your are lost?
We help you to develop a strategic solution for you current and upcoming business challenges. No tedious analysis task force and slide show marathon meetings. We provide clean and simple help for your challenges.

Our Team

Jochen Hinrichsen Jochen Hinrichsen Partner +

For the last 10 years Jochen concentrates on working on build management, software configuration management and DevOps. He currently consults one of the biggest german financial institute to get 120+ applications configured and up and running into production. He brought Hudson/Jenkins into the deployment departement of the customer and changed the build system from ANT/Maven to Gradle. He is key contact for all concerns about source code quality and repository management.

André Dvořák André Dvořák Partner +

Andre is an experienced full stack software developer and SCRUM master. He is able to build the bridge between developers and the management team. He has a deep understanding of most of the current software languages and frameworks. He is always interested in new technologies. Trying to find the best and economic solution for his customer. He takes responsibility for it's team when the project hit some serious challenges. He likes to solve the problems and challenges for the team and take the pressure out of the teams daily workload.

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Dirk Gabler Dirk Gabler Partner +

Dirk is an experienced developer with strong skills in data integration, data warehouse and reporting. He is able to manage the challenge for building a clean data integration. As a senior Java developer he is in a position to survey all aspects of the overall application architecture. Beside data management and development he also worked within the area of test management.

Christian Hauf Christian Hauf Partner +

Christian is a specialist for Business Rule Management and an experienced Java developer and architect. He is able to take on your problem child projects and find a suitable solution for them. His current interested relies on developing mobile solutions and strategies with Titanium Appcelarator.

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